Interaction International Group was founded in Athens by the merging of Atlantic Export Milan Ltd, (1934), and its correspondent company in Greece, IMAC International Maritime Advisory and Consulting Co. Ltd. (1957) and the Italian Wet Cargo Shipping and Harbor Servicing B&S Ltd Rome (2001), both companies transporting and trading wet and dry commodities.

Interaction International Maritime & Mercantile possess the experience and the operational knowledge acquired over the years through its founding entities and it has formed strategic alliances with Greek and International Groups involved in shipping and trading expanding all its past activities and developing new projects in other fields linked with sea transportation and

Our partners and associates have a long family tradition in shipping business and several important contacts with Governmental Companies of different Countries through long-lasting agreements with local Ship owners, brokers and charterers.

Interaction International management and officers, with their partners and associates, are guaranteeing with their outstanding professional background, the quality and the efficient procedural activity of products and services, with competitive prices, customer-driven policy and impressive corporate identity.

Our belief is that our Customer is our Principal:

We have to be dedicated to the transportation of his cargo through continuous improvement driven by integrity, teamwork and satisfactory distinction.