• PowerPoint Energy JV

In 2010 Interaction International formed a Joint Venture Entity with PowerPoint Energy, Tucker, Georgia, a former US Armed Forces Veteran Company, having as object the acquisition of oil products and shipping contracts for and from the US Government and the US Navy and increasing its opportunities in the USA market.

  • Deal Oil

An independent crude oil and oil derivatives new concept trading company. It is based in London and is acting as the appointed Interaction Intl. Group worldwide trading SPV, trading about 500.000 tones of fuels per year only in the Italian market.

07dealoil logo


Through Interaction Intl. Group intervention Deal Oil has been registered in Hel.Pe. Hellenic Petroleum Refineries, Greece.


  • Optima ShipBrokers

In 2004, the shipbroking company established its presence overseas, turning Optima into one of the largest shipbroking groups in Europe. Today, Optima operates a total of four offices (Athens, Istanbul, Dubai and Shanghai).

It is acting as an Interaction Intl. appointed shipbroker since its establishment. Acting as a one-stop-shop, Optima has developed a dedicated team which will act in every possible need and aspect of Interaction Intl. shipping operations.

09optima ship brokers

  • KarnaOil

Karna Oil in Cairo Egypt is Interaction Intl. partner in Egypt.

It is active in the Oil business providing services and facilities in Egypt and in the wider North African MidEastern area

It is particularly active in the LPG and NG trade and shipping operations of Interaction International connecting it to GASCo, and EGYPCo.


  • AFRICA 2000 INC

In Africa we are present in Dakar, Senegal through Africa 2000 JV in order to operate the West Africa as an operational and financial Hub. Africa 2000 headquarters are situated near the Harbor where are located its owned warehouses. Africa 2000 has a key-role in the Interaction International expansion of trading and shipping to and from the francophone West African Countries.

  • DelCaribe Import - Export, Sarl, Switzerland

Del Caribe Sarl , represents the interest of our Group in Central America. It is the facilitator and the developer of new business opportunities with forwarding, importing and or exporting Companies and Public Entities in the South American Area (Venezuela) and in the Caribbean.

The General Plan of Delcaribe is to participate to a shipping JV , a round trip Caribbean liner company, involved in the forwarding and transportation of wet and dry products in the wider Central America Area.


Marine consultancies, surveys and valuations

Professional representation of major ship repair yards for the Hellenic shipping market through exclusive and non-exclusive representations

Professional representation of marine and industrial equipment and concerns worldwide

The company has more than fifty years of experience, offering its professional services by anticipating and adapting to the needs of the shipping and industrial market.