Vessels Management and Operation

WE offer a comprehensive service to provide cost and time savings for our customers. Our total quality management stem from our customized offering of services, rigorous safety record and operational efficiency.


Interaction International is flexible and able to operate small and large fleets with vessels that range in a variety of types, sizes and carrying capacities. Our power is our dedicated skilled shore staff that works round-the-clock to move millions of tones of commodities around the world. From chartering, operations, technical management, crewing to supplies, our integrated service minimize vessel downtime and optimize vessel performance.


Technical services, maintenance and scrapping

With our technical crews and inshore associates we are ready to provide the following services:

  • Contracting and supervising of new building projects

  • Transportation, demolition and Scrap


  •  Dry dock & afloat ship repairs 

  •  Technical advice, engine & hull cases

  • Technical and market estimation

05 2017 Reflections market graph

  • Harbor General Services

Pursuing its primary activities Interaction International is planning to finalize complementary agreements with strategically positioned ports in Mediterranean Sea.

It has an excellent relationship with the authorities and the operators of the ports of Patras, Piraeus, Astakos, Augusta, Taranto, Brindisi, Gaeta, Civitavecchia and Leghorn.

Interaction International is developing a steady co-operation with OROMARE of Genova, which is offering from decades bunker, lubricants and special harbor services to NAMSA and to several other Navies in Western Mediterranean, in the Atlantic and in North Sea (

Through this harbor services network , Interaction International has the capability to provide, when formally committed, the following services : Tugs Chartering , Coastal and Mediterranean Towages, Local Towages, Barges and Pontoons Chartering , Exceptional Cargoes Sea Transport, Exceptional Cargoes, Handling Lighters for Liquid Bulk, Short Range Sea Transport, Breasting Barges "Ship to Quay" and/or "Ship to Ship" service, Solid and Liquid Floating Wastes Collection , Decontamination of Polluted Water Surfaces , Quays, Rough Stone

Jetty and Breakwater Cleaning , Garbage and Oily Waters Collection Ex Ship in Port or at the Road , Sewage - Ex Ship in Port or at the Road - Removal and Disposal SVC , Multipurpose Environmental Crafts Chartering , Crew - Boat (Water Taxi) Service, Landing Barges Service


Presently, it has proposed to several African Countries a “Project” and its Guidelines in order to create and to manage a National Merchant Maritime Flag