• Advisory and Consulting Services for Maritime Strategic Development

INTERACTION INTERNATIONAL‘s Shipping & Trading Strategic Development Consulting Department, is proposing to its customer’s solutions to their strategic plans and projects to be developed in the field of the shipping business with tailor made methodologies and proposing solutions adapted exclusively to real market needs and trends.

INTERACTION INTERNATIONAL‘s advisory department is supporting the Growth and Strategic targets of its customers Financial

Our constant commitment to ensure goods to be transported on our ships has forced us to act as consultants and facilitators for our customers both for finding remunerative trades of commodities and for finding funds and financial tools to easy the monetary exposure of our charterers.

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We assist our clients in their trading and financial growth, fixing strategic targets with competitive leverage and being assisted by financing institutional counterparts that are entrusting our company as shippers and traders.

INTERACTION INTERNATIONAL through multi-disciplinary competencies and nearly centennial experience in the maritime world gives a boost to the shipping and commodity trading market, confirming the practicability of the proposed solutions and their resistance to competitive pressures.

Demand is driven by the need to answer complex issues that intense competition and business urgent never-ending requirements put forward. Global firms from the supply side try to adopt more and more a multi-disciplinary approach in order to propose and implement integrated services that offer complete solutions to their clientele.


INTERACTION INTERNATIONAL‘s Consulting Dept has just one strategic objective:

• answer immediately, efficiently and cost effectively to focused and well determined needs and requirements stemming from the executive level of private and public entities operating in Greece and worldwide.

To reach this objective it has the following tactical targets:

•exploit its competitive advantage in offering synergetic integrated services

• capitalize on niche player services

• invest in multi-disciplinarily

In order to be able to face specific services requirements, INTERACTION INTERNATIONAL‘s Consulting Department has a continuous cooperation with global firms that have a transnational experience.