Interaction International, with over Sixty Years of experience in Commodities Trading, Seaborne Trade & Cargo Operations, is specialized in physical trading of sugar as well as grains and rice

 Interaction International is trading and transporting cement and clinker, trading them from Italy and Turkey, from UAE and West Africa to West and Central African countries (Senegal, Guinea Bissau, Benin, DR Congo etc.) 

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Our flying Harbormasters Staff are supervising the loading and discharging procedures in the Ports of Call, minimizing the vessel’s lay time and optimizing the Harbor fees.

In the Oil trading sector it operates LPG trading and distribution, the full range of petroleum products, the trade and distribution of lubricants and in the guidance of processing agreements for crude oil. 

Interaction International could utilize, in Italy, for LPG trading and its distributing process, the 56.000cbm Brindisi Storage Area.
Through an associated company Mare Oil, Albania, it has entered into the distribution field, reaching the end users and wholesalers for Diesel Oil and LPG in the South Western Balkans through dedicated terminals and retail sellers.

Interaction International through various agreements directly with ENI, the Italian multinational oil company, because of its old, strong and personal links with licensees and distributors has the capability to trade any type of ENI Lubricant outside Europe. 

Interaction International is trading and transporting bitumen in bulk (Big Bags) and in barrels from its appointed suppliers in Europe and in Middle East to any country developing is road network and its urban plan.

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